The Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana US; New in Haarlem Holland.

  • Fresh Lobster
  • Dirty Jazz
  • Craft Cocktails
  • New Orleans

Of course you are welcome to drop in, any time day and night, but if you want to be sure of a table, get your reservation online, or call us at 023-202 60 32

Why the louisiana?

New Orleans is known for its vast history of musical and culinary gems. And for its mix of cultures. Built in the middle of a swamp, creating fertile ground for creativity. Sounds familiar? Sure! Haarlem is all of that!

We see the love for music and excellent, affordable food in Haarlem. And we share this passion. That’s why it’s only logical for us to create a unique spot in our hometown, inspired by the city of dreams: New Orleans. The Louisiana Lobstershack, or:

The Louisiana

Your New Orleans experience in the center of Haarlem

So: pick up your dancing shoes, call your friends and loved ones, come to The Louisiana and share our passion!!

What’s cooking, brothers and sisters?

New Orleans is a melting pot of African, French, Caribbean and American cultures. Which reveals itself in a highly versatile kitchen. Our specialty? Lobster. The greatest shellfish for an affordable price.

But we also love to spoil you with beautiful Cajun, Creole and Soul food bites. Accompanied by Craft Beers, a wide range of Whiskeys and other moonshine, excellent Wines and a monthly changed assortment of expert prepared Cocktails.

Our Booze

Let The Louisiana Lobstershack inspire you to order something else than just a beer or a glass of wine. We come from a tradition of excellent bartending, being crazy about cocktails , baristi by nature to serve great coffee, and crazy for any whiskey that deserves to carry the name. And sure, we have expert selected wines, tasted and approved by our sommelier Milton Verseput of Sommos.

  • Cocktails

    What to expect? Well, as an expert (cocktail-)caterer we mixed just about every cocktail you can imagine, and beyond. Alcohol? Sure. Non-alcohol? Why not? Our Cocktail menu changes every month, but don’t be afraid to let us surprise you in tailor-made beauty.

  • Barista coffee

    We love to keep you inside. So, every now and then you need a coffee. We serve only the best blend of beans, roasted by Noble Tree. And prepared in a way that your Italian guests will amaze. Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato or, mixed with some moonshine; you name it, we serve.

  • Whiskeys

    Louisiana borders to Kentucky and Tennessee. So our blends, malts and bourbons are taking you on an adventure, only whiskey can provide.

  • Wines

    Through our history of bartending, catering and cuisine, we have great contacts with wine suppliers. We have a special selection of red, white, rose and bubbly wines to match your specific taste, your menu or your mood.

  • Craft beers

    Make sure you get a taste of our selection of American craft beers. We shuffle up the menu on regular basis to keep ya’ll sharp.

  • Moonshine

    Knock yourself out! If all of the above didn’t do it yet, our moonshine will. Tequila, Absinth and anything our Louisiana friends bring from the moonshine state.

Who dat?

Fausto Albers started his Bar career over 15 years ago in Haarlem, in Café Koops. As the fastest student Rolf could have, he evolved into a perfect host, combining skills with hospitality. Fausto left Haarlem for London, only to set up a succesfull cocktail catering company in 2007. His passion for New Orleans culture led him back to Haarlem. Finding the right partners was easy. Finding the right customers will be a matter of time. Starting with you.

Music at The Louisiana

We love music. And everybody knows that any good music we know nowadays, originates from New Orleans. Starting with the Spirituals on the cotton fields, it evolved via early blues into Dixieland and jazz. But did it stop there? Hell no!! Come and listen to Dr. John, Harry Connick Jr., The Band, Ray Charles, And of course Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong. Zydeco, Cajun and even Country & Western.

We have some great DJ’s who know all about it and make you move like nowhere else. And every now and then we invite some great musicians for you. When? Who knows! Check our agenda!


Check our Facebook page for upcoming artists!


    Bigger and better! Whole fresh lobster (500 –
    600 gr). Straight from the dark waters of Nova
    Scotia to our own lobster-tank. Poached or grilled
    to awesomeness. Served with fries, home made
    coleslaw and  drawn butter
    With a dry rub of Cajun spices, dipped in
    melted butter and cooked in super hot cast-
    iron skillet. Served on Louisiana spiced rice
    with a side of veggies
    Best of both. 1/2 fresh lobster and a
    blackened entrecote (160 gram). Served with fries,
    coleslaw and drawn butter
    Cajun seasoned Angus beef burger (200 gram)
    with coleslaw, tomato, red onion, red cheddar and
    Jalopeño (bell pepper if you don’t like spice).
    Served with fries and house salad.
    Angus beef burger (200 gram) with smokey bacon,
    lettuce, tomato, red union, cheddar and The
    Louisiana’s original BBQ sauce. Served with fries
    and home made coleslaw
    Slow cooked, cajun spiced pulled chicken on a
    classic American burger bun with lettuce, red onion,
    tomato and homemade spiced mayonaise.
    1/2 fresh lobster, blue crab legs and claws. Served with
    coleslaw, fries and drawn butter.
    Creole style dish with tomato, celery, bellpeppers,
    onion and shrimp to the original recipe from
    Louisiana. Served with rice.
    Louisiana original, ubiquitous in homes and
    restaurants across the state. With okra, chicken,
    prawns, bacon and sausage. Served with rice.
    Dry aged entrecote (250 gr), grilled to your liking and
    served with fries and salad
    Chilli-cilantro butter
    Blue cheese sauce
    Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast, egg, Creole
    croutons, Parmasan, and creole spiced Caesar
    dressing. Vegetarian option available.
    Corn / Sweet potato fries / Classic fries /
    Salad / Dirty Rice




The Louisiana Lobstershack
Zijlstraat 21
2011 TJ Haarlem

Opening hours

Sunday – Wednesday: 18.00 – 00.00
Thursday – Saturday: 18.00 – 03:00
Closed on Monday

We have staff available at our office every day from 12:00 to 16:00

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