Our Booze

Let The Louisiana Lobstershack inspire you to order something else than just a beer or a glass of wine. We come from a tradition of excellent bartending, being crazy about cocktails , baristi by nature to serve great coffee, and crazy for any whiskey that deserves to carry the name. And sure, we have expert selected wines, tasted and approved by our sommelier Milton Verseput of Sommos.


What to expect? Well, as an expert (cocktail-) caterer we mixed just about every cocktail you can imagine, and beyond. Alcohol? Sure. Non-alcohol? Why not? Our Cocktail menu changes every month, but don’t be afraid to let us surprise you in tailor-made beauty.

Barista Coffee

We love to keep you inside. So, every now and then you need a coffee. We serve only the best blend of beans, roasted by Noble Tree. And prepared in a way that your Italian guests will amaze. Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato or, mixed with some moonshine; you name it, we serve.


Louisiana borders to Kentucky and Tennessee. So our blends, malts and bourbons are taking you on an adventure, only whiskey can provide.


Through our history of bartending, catering and cuisine, we have great contacts with wine suppliers. We have a special selection of red, white, rose and bubbly wines to match your specific taste, your menu or your mood.

Craft Beers

Make sure you get a taste of our selection of American craft beers. We shuffle up the menu on regular basis to keep ya’ll sharp.


Knock yourself out! If all of the above didn’t do it yet, our moonshine will. Tequila, Absinth and anything our Louisiana friends bring from the moonshine state.

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