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Where Good Spirits Become One

About Louisiana


New Orleans is known for its vast history of musical and culinary gems. And for its mix of cultures. Built in the middle of a swamp, creating fertile ground for creativity. Sounds familiar? Sure! Haarlem is all of that!

We see the love for music and excellent, affordable food in Haarlem. And we share this passion. That’s why it’s only logical for us to create a unique spot in our hometown, inspired by the city of dreams: New Orleans. The Louisiana Lobstershack, or:


Enjoy Together


Fausto Albers started his Bar career over 15 years ago in Haarlem, in Café Koops. As the fastest student Rolf could have, he evolved into a perfect host, combining skills with hospitality.

Fausto left Haarlem for London, only to set up a succesfull cocktail catering company in 2007. His passion for New Orleans culture led him back to Haarlem. Finding the right partners was easy. Finding the right customers will be a matter of time.


Why The Louisiana

Drawing from New Orleans’ rich tapestry of music and culinary delights, and its cultural diversity, The Louisiana recreates this magic in the heart of Haarlem. Much like New Orleans, Haarlem too was built on swampland, and both cities share an uncanny knack for fostering creativity. Our mission is to reflect Haarlem’s passion for music and quality, affordable food, mirroring the charm of the Big Easy. This led to the creation of our unique locale, The Louisiana Lobstershack, a haven for New Orleans inspired cuisine and culture in Haarlem.


Who Dat?

Established in 2015 by Fausto Albers, The Louisiana is the product of 20 years of hospitality expertise. Fausto’s passion for innovative concepts that challenge traditional norms is evident here. With The Louisiana, he’s crafted a space where the conventional is reimagined, cocktails are reinvented, and the lobster dining experience is redefined.

In addition to The Louisiana, Fausto co-founded, a tech startup developing AI-driven ordering software, and provides consultancy on AI integration. He also lends his expertise to as a tech consultant and blogger.


What's Cooking?

New Orleans, a confluence of African, French, Caribbean, and American cultures, has given rise to a diverse culinary scene. Here at The Louisiana, we celebrate this diversity with our range of delicious Cajun, Creole, and Soul food bites, spectacular crawfish boils, and of course our specialty: Fresh Lobster at an affordable price.

In addition to The Louisiana, Fausto co-founded, a tech startup developing AI-driven ordering software, and provides consultancy on AI integration. He also lends his expertise to as a tech consultant and blogger.


Music to Your Ears

We share a deep love for music, especially the kind that has its roots in New Orleans. The city is the birthplace of many musical genres, evolving from spirituals and early blues to Dixieland and jazz. But it didn’t stop there!

Join us to enjoy the sounds of legends like Dr. John, Ray Charles, and of course, Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong. Celebrate New Orleans’ rich musical legacy over dinner and then dance the night away to 90s HipHop, drum ‘n bass, and techno at our infamous rave parties. Stay tuned to our events calendar for live music and more.

Where good spirits become one

Let us inspire you to order something else than just a beer or a glass of wine. We come from a rich tradition of excellent bartending. We are crazy about cocktails, passionate for spirits and mad on the Moonshine. Ya’ll sure to find what you’re looking for.

Craft Cocktails

As experienced cocktail caterers, we've mixed an expansive array of both classic and unique cocktails. Whether you're after alcoholic or non-alcoholic options, our dynamic menu changes often, and we're always ready to craft a tailor-made concoction just for you.

Artisan Coffee

We proudly serve Noble Tree roasted coffee, offering the finest blend of beans for your Espresso Martini, Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato, or any coffee infused with a shot of moonshine.

Bourbon Galore

Embracing the spirit of Louisiana's neighbors, Kentucky and Tennessee, we house Haarlem's most extensive collection of premium bourbons and potent moonshines.

USA Wines

Drawing from our extensive experience in bartending and catering, we've curated a comprehensive selection of affordable American wines, with a particular fondness for the rock 'n roll wines of Washington-based winery, Charles Smith.

American Craft Beers

Make sure you get a taste of our selection of American craft beers. We shuffle up the menu on regular basis to keep ya’ll sharp.

Moonshine Madness

When all else fails, our solid selection of moonshine is sure to hit the spot. From Bootlegger Whiskeys to dead strong Absinth, and everything in between, explore the potent offerings from the moonshine state.

music at the louisiana

We love music. And everybody knows that any good music we know nowadays, originates from New Orleans. Starting with the Spirituals on the cotton fields, it evolved via early blues into Dixieland and jazz. But did it stop there? Hell no!!

Come and listen to Dr. John, Harry Connick Jr., The Band, Ray Charles, And of course Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong. Zydeco, Cajun and even Country & Western.


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