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We’re shaking up the Haarlem cocktail scene, and we’re thirsty for new spirits to join the mix!

Shake Up Your Career

Working at The Louisiana

Are you a cocktail alchemist, culinary trendsetter, a maestro of the service floor, or a dishwashing hero who knows that every clean plate is a canvas for our chefs? Or perhaps, you have a skill we didn’t even know we needed yet!

Here’s our philosophy: We believe in crafting the job around the person, not squeezing the person into a pre-set job mold. We value your unique talents, perspectives, and experiences. So, tell us about yourself, what you love, what gets you fired up, and how you envision your role in our story.

Don’t hold back. Apply freely. Let us know who you are and what you want to do, and we’ll be in touch to explore how we can blend your aspirations with our vision.

Simply reach out and let’s start a conversation. Here at the Louisiana, your journey isn’t just about following a path, it’s about creating your own. Let’s mix it up together!

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